Heat exchangers

Tailor-made solutions for different requirements


The fabrication of our heat exchangers has to meet the highest requirements.
Our range of products includes both fin-tube and bare-tube heat exchangers for air-cooled systems (air coolers), heat recovery systems, process applications and recuperators.

For both variants of heat exchanger (fin-tube and bare-tube), various types of casing are available for different installation positions and applications.
It is also possible to design a multi-stage or coil system. The type of heat exchanger and the type of tube depends entirely on the individual requirement and the intended use of the heat exchanger.


A heat exchanger is basically a piece of apparatus that transfers heat from a medium with a higher temperature to a medium with a lower temperature. Both media are separated from one another inside the apparatus.
Fin-tube heat exchangers and bare-tube heat exchangers are the most common systems used to transfer heat from gaseous, pressureless fluids to liquid or vaporous media. In particular, the wide variety of fin-tube and bare-tube heat exchangers makes it possible to implement the appropriate solution for air heaters or air coolers according to different requirements
Heat exchangers as air heaters are powered by thermal oil, steam or water. Heat exchangers as air pre-heaters for waste incineration plants are powered almost exclusively by steam. With multi-stage air pre-heaters it is also possible to integrate condensate supercooling levels.






All Agetherma heat exchangers – except pressureless gas-to-gas systems – are classified under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU and are calculated, fabricated and certified under the associated codes.

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