Air heaters and air pre-heaters

Individual concepts for sophisticated areas of application


Air pre-heaters
To reduce exhaust air pollution, air pre-heaters are usually equipped with bare tubes. 
Bare tubes can be cleaned more easily, and particles do not attach as easily to bare tubes as they do to finned tubes.
Usually, an air pre-heater has a multi-stage design, consisting of several individual heat exchanger bundles connected in series on the air side.

The first stage is often a water or condensate powered heat exchanger.
A steam-powered low-pressure heat exchanger is connected to this at the second stage.
The third and fourth stages are generally steam-powered heat exchangers with higher steam pressure.
Intermediate ducts are usually installed between the individual heat exchanger stages to allow cleaning of the exchanger surfaces.
Air pre-heaters are used in waste incineration plants or in other areas of power plant technology.

Air heaters
These do operate in exactly the same way as air pre-heaters,
but they tend to be used more in drying technology which heats up cleaned fresh air or recirculation air.
They are therefore generally equipped with finned tubes, which means that recirculation or circulation air heaters in particular must be constructed in a very compact and space-saving way.

Mineral or synthetic thermal oils, saturated steam or water are used as heating media for air heaters.
In addition, air heaters designed as insertion elements can be dismantled very quickly and simply for cleaning purposes.
This type of construction means the time it takes to service the system is reduced to a minimum.


Agetherma GmbH designs and produces air pre-heaters
that are tailor-made to the customer’s particular and individual requirements and intended areas of application.
Air pre-heaters
are used, for instance, in waste incineration plants,
in power plant technology
and other areas
Air heaters
are used in drying technology for heating up cleaned, fresh or recirculation air as well as in recirculation
and circulation air heating
Heating media
Air heaters are powered
with thermal oils, saturated steam
or water

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