Air-Cooled Systems

High-performance systems for highly complex requirements


Difficult environmental conditions, highly complex requirements, a guaranteed reliable service:
As a qualified partner for industrial heat transfer, we know what matters. To meet customer-specific requirements for high-performance cooling process solutions within the most diverse industrial production processes, there must be a high level of flexibility. Our range of products therefore includes air-coolers built to many different designs and specifications – tailored to the customer’s requirements, intended application and factory location. 

Air-cooled plants
Air-cooled plants (often also called air coolers) are used in many fields of industry, particularly in chemistry and petrochemistry.
They dissipate incidental heat, e.g. from vapour and steam condensation as well as liquid cooling, quickly and cost-effectively.

Re-cooling plants
Re-cooling plants are also air-cooled systems (or air coolers).
They are used to re-cool liquids within a process. In comparison to shell-and-tube heat exchangers – which require a complex feed water system which itself requires alternating maintenance routines – re-cooling plants can be erected, operated and controlled locally and independently. 

Apart from the required piping on the product side, all that is needed for air-cooled systems is an electricity supply for the fans.
The use of frequency-controlled axial fans allows a wide control range of operation for cooling. In addition, louvers can be provided to protect against freezing or as a control on the air side. Often, turbulators are used on the tube side to cool highly viscous media.

Generally, finned tubes are used as a transfer surface for air-cooled systems.
Although the different types of heat exchanger are similar to one another, there are major differences in terms of how the systems are designed.  



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