A highly efficient facility located in Unna and a highly qualified team guarantee that we can provide the highest technical standard in the industrial plant engineering sector. We are a global supplier; our equipment is used by companies from different market segments across the world. The first-class fabrication of our products, tailor-made to the individual customer’s requirements, takes place, however, exclusively in our own workshops in Germany – and using state-of-the-art methods.


Ambitious concepts of fabrication which meet the demands of international customers.


Our high-tech manufacturing capabilities in the field of industrial plant engineering for heat transfer systems enable us to produce a wide spectrum of products.
We supply fin-tube and bare-tube heat exchangers as well as air-cooled systems (air coolers) to various industrial fields.
Equipped with high-performance welding machines and robotics, we offer our customers exceptional product performance coupled with outstanding quality.

The combination of manual and mechanical procedures guarantees both exceptional product quality and high productivity. For the different areas of application, all welding procedures are carried out by our highly qualified personnel under continual quality control. To guarantee the long-term durability of our products, our special services include reliable support with upgrading and enhancing existing heat transfer systems.


We manufacture products to the
customer’s specific requirements at our site in Unna,
on approximately 3500 m² of fabrication area.
Modern welding machines and robotics
guarantee high product efficiency
with outstanding quality.
In order to ensure the long-term
durability of our products, our service includes an
optimal spare parts service.

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