Learn as part of our team

As part of our ongoing development we are seeking, with immediate effect, apprentices in:
Construction mechanics in the field of welding technology

Job description:

You will learn how to work with tools and machines in machining and processing different metallic construction materials. In addition, you will learn: MAG welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting, and assembly of pre-fabricated parts from a drawing.

School leaving certificate:
Very good Hauptschule certificate, i.e. German secondary school for mid-level educational attainment, (grade C GCSEs or BTEC pass).

Prerequisites/ qualifications:
Good knowledge of technology and good spatial imagination | tendency towards systematic thinking and a methodical approach | enthusiasm for working with technical devices and systems | ability to work in a team | technical understanding | aptitude for manual work | logical thinking | diligence | conscientiousness and meticulousness.




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