Heat recovery

Heat recovery systems become increasingly important in times of rising energy costs. According to the specific requirements the direct or indirect heat recovery can be used.


Direct heat recovery means the heat transfer from a hot waste gas to fresh air or various liquids where the heat energy can be used directly.


Typical applications:

  • gas pre-heating in combustion plants
  • use of spare heat for steam generation
  • directly coupled cold water/warm water transfer

Indirect heat recovery means a delocated transfer system. Here a circulating transfer medium is switched between the waste heat section and the heating section.
This kind of heat transfer allows a delocated position of both sections and is the ideal form of low temperature heat recovery or dehumidifying plants.


Typical applications:

  • Use of condensate heat in drying by cooling
  • Heat transfer between two low temperature gases
  • Use of waste heat in case of dehumidifying 

The indirect heat recovery often consists of peripherical equipment such as pumps, vessels, control units, valves and support constructions.


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