Fields of application

Our individually designed fin tube and bare tube heat exchangers are used either as single component or in combination with peripherical equipment in the following fields:


Chemical and petrochemical industry

  • heating of process air
  • cooling of process air
  • vapour condensation
  • cooling of oil
  • steam condensation
  • cooling of high viscous media
  • cooling with re-circulating air

Dryer industry by using air heaters

  • grain drying
  • milk powder drying
  • film drying
  • granule drying
  • paper drying
  • drying of vanish and coating
  • drying of wood and wooden products

Plant engineering

  • de-humidifying
  • conditioning of process air
  • discontinuous cooling of water
  • discontinuous cooling of thermal oil
  • heat recovery of waste gas
  • delocated heat transfer

Power plants

  • pre-heating of combustion gas
  • pre-heating of waste gas
  • low pressure steam condensation
  • heat recovery of waste gas (economiser)


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