All products are manufactured using modern fabrication technologies at our location in Unna. The fitting processes are executed by highly qualified employees working under frequent quality checks.


The combination of manual and mechanical fabrication secures a high productivity and guarantees excellent quality of the product.


Agetherma GmbH is certified acc. to EN ISO 3834-2 (formerly HP0-Certificate). Additionally the company is authorised to execute the pre- and final inspection of pressure vessels which belong to category I & II acc. to PED 97/23/EC. Pressure vessels of category III & IV will be pre- and final inspected by notified bodies.


It goes without saying that the necessary certification for welding processes of alloyed and unalloyed steel is provided.


All weldings are executed by highly qualified employees who are certified acc. to AD-2000 HP3. The quality of the welding joints is frequently inspected by welding engineers and special personnel who are qualified acc. to DIN EN ISO 473/ISO 9712.


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