Heat exchangers made by Agetherma are used as heaters and coolers.

Heaters are used for

  • the pre-heating of waste air for incineration plants
  • the heating of circulating air of dryers
  • the heating of fresh air or process air


Coolers are used for

  • the cooling or de-heating of hot gas or waste gas
  • the cooling of circulating air
  • the de-humidification

For all these applications mentioned above the air side is primarily the process side which will be heated or cooled.

In all examples mentioned above it is primarily the outer side of the tube which is cooled or heated (air-side).
For cooling the inner side of the tube (process side) similar heat exchangers are used. During the process the surrounding area of the tube (in most cases air) is warmed up. Nevertheless, heat exchangers of this type are often regarded as “air coolers” although the ambient air is heated up during the process.


  • air-cooled condensers
  • air-cooled plants (powered by liquids)
  • shut down coolers